"Point-Cut Pro"™ Dipped LOVE it or RETURN it!!! 30 Day Money back Guarantee!!!

I love being a part of the magic that the beauty industry creates.

As a professional hairstylist with over 15yrs spent behind the chair, I still enjoy point-cutting my own hair.

For many years, point-cutting my own hair started with a glass of red wine and ended with bloody knuckles.
Then about seven years ago, I was sharpening a fellow stylist shears when he asked me if I could somehow blunt the tips of his shears so he wouldn't cut into his fingers.
I quickly replied with “no you really can’t blunt them enough to help stop cutting your fingers, without affecting the performance of the shears.”
Over for the next few weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about his request.

One day while jogging, it hit me.. “What if I could cut the tips out in a way that creates a no-cut buffer zone... That was it!!!Problem solved!!!
I proceeded to test this hypothesis on myself, point-cutting my own hair until the design worked perfectly.
With years of design, hundreds of test shears, numerous bloody knuckles and countless glasses of red wine the “Point-Cut Pro” was born.

Now, I grin from ear to ear with satisfaction each time I point-cut my own hair with the Point-Cut Pro..

Yes, point-cutting my own hair still begins with a glass of red wine..but it doesn't end with bloody knuckles..

With the Point-Cut Pro shears I can magically glide over my fingers point cutting at any angle with precision and confidence. "No more knuckle Nicks!"

And the best part is... I get to share the Point-Cut Pro shears with all my fellow stylist.

Creating ear to ear grins one stylist at a time..

"dream big! anything is possible..with a glass red wine and an open mind"

Jason Milligan

PointCutPro-360 Diamonds & Pearls PointCutPro-360 Diamonds & Pearls

"Point-Cut Pro 360"™ Diamonds & Pearls shears are hand finished from triple-tempered 440C stainless steel, featuring a *patent pending design tip with a permanently attached pearlescent sphere.  Experience the best in comfort and style with an ergonomic drop finger handle design, gem stone adjustable tension dial and a Rockwell Hardness of 60-61. "World Class" precision performance.

*360 degrees of protection from injury for clients and fingers.

Retail Price: $245.00
Price: $245.00